Natural whole shell mussel

Vacuum packed , cooked in its own juice, frozen whole shell mussel

  • Mussel with two shells vacuum packed, whole, clean (without byssus threads, seaweed or remains of shell fragments), cooked in its own juice and frozen. In this way, the juice that the mussel leaves during the cooking process remains in the package, enhancing its natural flavour. Ready to eat product.

  • Origin:

    Aquaculture Chile FAO 87

  • Ingredients:

    Mussel. Totally natural product, without additives or preservatives.

  • Sizes (pieces/kg):

    • 40/60
    • 60/80
  • Life:

    24 months from the production date, under storage conditions of -18°C.

  • Primary packaging:

    500gr and 1.000gr vacuum closed plastic bag.

  • Secondary package:

    5kg and 9 kg corrugated cardboard Master Box.

  • *We adapt our packaging to our customers' needs.

Energy value Per 100 gr
Kcal 460Kj/110Kcal
of which saturates
of which sugars
Proteins 14,6g
Salt 0,66g

The salt content is exclusively due to the sodium naturally present in the product.
Limits set according to the current legislation Reg (CE) 1169/2011 relating to the requirements which regulate food information to consumers.

  • Radiation:


  • GMO:


  • Allergens:

    Allergens are not used. Ingredients used (mussels, water). The product itself might be an allergen for the population sensitive to seafood. That is why the package is clearly identified as MUSSEL.

  • Antibiotics:


  • Quality Certifications:

    IFS, BRC, FOS, HACCP Standards, ASC (in process)